What the Hell are the San Diego Mariners?

How sick…is this logo? Captain’s hat, Rollie Fingers ‘stache, smoking pipe, just skatin’ along to the backdrop of a captain’s wheel? Oh, don’t think I didn’t notice to puck dotting the “i” either. So amazing. I randomly saw this logo online and had no clue what the San Diego Mariners were. Turns out that’s for good reason, they were a hockey team that used to play at the Sports Arena for the World Hockey Organization and they stopped playing in 1977, before I was born. You can read all about them here. I don’t even like hockey, but I love this. I’d pay a decent chunk of change for a original t-shirt with that logo on it. I’d rock it daily.

**updated: at the prompting of Mac: more cool memorbilia/logos/pucks/buttons/stuff**

Tons of memorabilia and history stuff with the team here.


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