Chargers: Bob Sanders (Mr. Glass) is Out, Tommie Harris is In…

SignOnSanDiego – Bob Sanders has been placed on injured reserve, ending what the Chargers hoped would be a one-year revival for the revered safety that would also bolster their secondary.

Sanders was signed in the hope he could remain healthy enough to contribute for the season. But he developed swelling in his knee after the New England game and was unable to play last week. The Chargers were concerned that injury and myriad other maladies might not allow him to be effective this season but were willing to wait and nurse him through the season. Sanders, however, is concerned about his knee not allowing him to play at a high level as he has in the past.

The Chargers signed defensive lineman Tommie Harris for depth on the defensive line, as Jacques Cesaire is expected to miss at least the next two games with a strained knee. Harris will likely play inside in passing packages, but he could expand his role to defensive end as time goes on.

Steve Gregory started at strong safety in place of Sanders on Sunday against Kansas City and played every snap as Sanders was inactive. The Chargers signed safety Paul Oliver last week for depth.

Sanders, who signed a one-year contract for $1 million, has been plagued by injuries much of his career. He played just four games in 2006 due to a knee injury and appeared in just nine games between 2008 and ’10. The Indianapolis Colts released him in February.

Sanders was a star in the 2006 postseason en route to the Colts winning the Super Bowl, and he was the NFL’s Defensive Player of the Year in 2007.

Harris, a three-time Pro Bowler for the Chicago Bears, signed with Indianapolis in August but was released on Sept. 3. The Chargers had also considered signing Travis Johnson.

So, we signed Tommie Harris, huh? That should be interesting. And yeah, Bob Sanders is done, the experiment is over. That should come as no surprise to anybody. Everybody knew the risk when we signed him, and honestly, I’d do it again. For 1 year, he was worth the risk, even though it didn’t pan out. I just love to quote myself, but here’s what I had to say back in March when the Bolts signed Sanders.

Headlines that have run in actual newspapers across the country of my imagination:
-Chargers sign Mr. Glass
-Bob Sanders breaks hand while signing Chargers contract
-Hello Bob Sanders, Goodbye Eric Weddle
-Bolts tricked by the Colts.
-Chargers flush money down the Bob Sanders toilet
-2011 NFL season on lockout, Bob Sanders still on IR
-Bob Sanders Eaten by a Shark in San Diego

Obviously, this signing is very risky…nobody is denying that. He could get hurt, he’s prone to injury. Well, so could everyone else. You can’t live life in what-if land. As for Eric Weddle, yes, I know he’s a free agent, but I think he’s still very high on the Chargers to-do list. I don’t think this will affect him at all. As for Darrell Stuckey… I think he’s got a lot of potential, but Sanders is certainly an upgrade from last years draft pick, and even if Sanders were to get hurt… a Two-Time Pro Bowler isn’t a bad guy to have as a mentor. Love this signing…for now. Here’s to you Bob Sanders, the anti-Cromartie. Welcome to San Diego.

Some of those headlines sting a little more now that’s he’s actually out for the season. Time for Weddle to step up, you know, just like he did for that last play of the Chiefs game.


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