Tom Brady Cuts His Hair and Immediately Mocks the Chargers

via @ESPNForsberg twitter

So what. Kimmy Gibbler cut his hair. Good for him. Clearly he’s not superstitious, I know if I threw for a billion yards in the first 3 games of the season, I’d prolly keep my hair the same. Whatever though… here’s the part that I don’t get, after everybody calmed down about his hair during this press conference, ESPN points this out:

Friday marks the 10-year anniversary of Brady’s first NFL start. Asked about the moment, Brady suggested — then proved — he honestly couldn’t remember the details of that game.

“I don’t even remember, that was a long time ago,” he said, pondering it for a moment before noting, “We beat the Chargers.”

That overtime triumph against San Diego actually came on Oct. 14, 2001 and helped turn around a 1-3 start. When it was pointed out that it was actually a visit from the Colts — a 44-13 triumph in which the defense did most of the work for the Patriots — Brady smiled and quipped about truly being unable to remember, “See.”

I’d love to smack that shit-eating grin right off your face, Tom. Oh, so you didn’t beat the Chargers that day? Just taking another opportunity to waive all your Super Bowl rings in the collective faces of Chargers fans while simultaneously throwing the organization under the bus? Real cool, bro. I hope to God we meet you again in the AFC Championship game, then next year, when Philip Rivers is asked in a press conference about his playoff run to the Chargers first Super Bowl victory, he can respond, “I don’t even remember, that was a long time ago… we beat the Patriots.”


[for the record: I’ve never loved and simultaneously hated another athlete so much in my life]

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