Yeah, I’ve Got 82 Tattoos of Julia Roberts on My Body…So What?

(Reuters/Eliseo Fernandez)

As a dude with zero tats, I’m absolutely fascinated by tattoos. If you’ve been reading LobShots long, you’ve figured that out. Meet Miljenko Parserisas Bukovic from Valparaiso, Chile, photographed on March 9, 2011. He’s a 56 year old newspaper vendor, and he’s got 82 tattoos of Julia Roberts inspired by various scenes in her film “Erin Brockovich”. He’s spent about $2,500 so far and as long as he‘s making money selling papers, he’s gonna get more. Just a normal dude who’s a fan of greatness. Personally, I see no reason for Julia Roberts to be alarmed by this at all.


[via The Atlantic]

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