Is Prince Harry Really Partying in San Diego?

NBC San Diego – It didn’t take long for England’s Prince Harry to be spotted in a San Diego nightclub.

On Saturday night, the prince was seen partying at the Ivy Nightclub downtown. The British Army Captain is in the San Diego area for military training.

Prince Harry, known for his partying ways, hung out at the club in his own private balcony with a big group of both men and women, until it closed at 2 a.m.

According to club management, Harry will be staying at the Andaz hotel until next Friday.

One local television station reported the prince was also spotted at McP’s Irish Pub in Coronado over the weekend.

Prince Harry arrived last week for a two-month military helicopter training course at the Naval Air Facility at El Centro, Calif. — a two-hour drive from San Diego — where he will fly Apache helicopters in the desert near the Mexican border.

The facility hosts allied troops throughout the year because its hot, dusty conditions replicate Afghanistan’s harsh environment and the clear weather allows for constant flying.

Harry is among 20 students in the British Army participating in the training that ends at an Air Force station in Gila Bend, Ariz. where they will fire missiles, rockets and cannons from the Apache helicopters.

I’ve got about 50 thoughts on this. First, I saw all these reports about Harry partying in San Diego. Those just pissed me off because c’mon, El Centro is NOT San Diego. Then, I see this story… oh snap, Harry’s here, downtown at the Ivy…and a pub in Coronado. That’s a different story. But then I thought, wait… prove it. I need pictures, because if I know Harry, and I know Harry…as a lobster, there’s no way he goes out downtown without calling me first. Well, that picture up top… from this SocialiteLife site, makes it seems like he’s coming out of Ivy. But when you check out the script upon dowloading the picture, you get this… “HRH Prince Harry leaving the Public nightclub in Kings Road, he seemed like he just had a great night in London, wearing a board smile on his face” Kings Road, huh? That’s not Downtown SD. But wait, don’t fret. Paparazzi to the rescue! Check out these crazy pictures of Harry at Ivy!

Game changing photos, folks. That’s definitely Prince Harry… or me… or any dude with hair, between the ages of 16-40, weighing between 140-240 pounds, and somewhere between 5’8” and 6’5″.

These pics are a joke. Harry, if that’s you… hit me up, man. Your boy BP will show you how it’s done here in San Diego…

Total side note: what the hell is Ivy “club management” doing outing Harry on his hotel? Like droves of young girls aren’t gonna camp out there now? Oh, I know, the Andaz Hotel is the hotel at the Ivy. Little self promotion there. If you’re a Prince, you’re definitely going to be getting the best the hotel has to offer, right? I mean, you have to. So, wanna see some pics of the Andaz Star Suite?

Yes, that’s a carpeted double-decker bed. It kinda blends into the wall in this picture, but don’t be mistaken, that is 100% a stripper pole in front. See below.

Think Harry will enjoy his time in San Diego? He will if he calls us.


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