Tebow to the Rescue!

(AP Photo/Joe Mahoney)

So, the Donkeys have finally named Tim Tebow the starter. It’s about freaking time. I know that the dumb Johns… Fox and Elway, don’t believe that Tebow is their future, but good grief… give the man a shot. Talk crap about his mechanics all you want, but all the dude has ever done in his life is win. I guess the billboards worked. That, and the fact that Orton has been just terrible. Still blows my mind that the Broncos have been calling Brady Quinn the 2nd string guy all along, then *ta-dah* here comes Tebow when it’s time for Orton to get the eff outta there against the Bolts. I said this on twitter right after the game, but if Tebow had thrown a TD to win the game against the Chargers with :01 second on the clock, we might have actually seen him ascend to Heaven right before our eyes.

Honestly, I loved it. Of course I wanted the Bolts to win, but I was totally pulling for Tebow to succeed, get his team back in it, then lose because he was playing the Chargers. It was exciting to watch. Tim Tebow on this planet makes the world a better place. No denying it.  Love that guy. We’re about to find out if having him on the field makes the Broncos a better team. I wish him all the luck in the world… except against the Chargers. Tell ya what though, if he doesn’t kick some serious ass over the next month… they’ll be shopping for another QB in the offseason.

Tell ya another thing, Tim Tebow should send Cam Newton a thank you note. Even though they are different QBs, yes… they are similar enough that with all the success Cam’s been having on the field, the Denver Johns had to be wondering if Tebow could provide that same kind of magic.


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