Ben & Jerry’s “OccuPIE Wall Street” Ice Cream?!

You know how badly I’ve been trying avoid blogging on Occupy Wall Street? You know how badly I wish this Ben & Jerry’s OccuPIE Wall Street ice cream was real?  Know why? Because I love ice cream, and it would make all this Occupy Wall Street talk more tolerable. Well, the ice cream’s not real. A shame. Call me a bad person, call me a bad American… call me whatever the freak you want. I don’t care to hear another thing about Occupy Wall Street ever again. It bothers my ears. I’m not even saying I disagree with it, I’m just saying I disagree with so much politics talk entering my ear-balls against my will. I hate politics. HATE. If you love them, go to another site to chat about ’em. Have it at.

There. That’s the last you’ll hear about Occupy Freaking Wall Street from me, unless Ben & Jerry’s actually comes out with an ice cream.


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