Lions vs. 49ers Head Coach “Fight”: Jim Schwartz vs Jim Harbaugh

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Bummed I didn’t see this live, because it is awesome. I mean, I guess you can call this a “fight”? More of a “clash of the egos.” Not like there were blows thrown between the head coaches… just a lot of little girl giddiness vs. big boy toughness. I get that Harbaugh is fired up for the win. So, he’s just showing his emotions, not trying to show up Schwartz. But if I’m Schwartz, in the heat of the moment, and I’m already pissed my perfect season is gone, and then this clown comes at me like that? Jumping around, haymaker handshakes, slap on the back… all that? I’m going after him too.

However, from the outside looking in… don’t you just want to say to both of them… “grow the eff up and act like you’ve been there before“? I think that’s a fair thing to say. You’re NFL head coaches… act like it. All that said, that was too fun… I want to see a coach fight every week, please. Thank you.


[lobbed by RyDogg]

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