I Didn’t Realize That a Squash Racquet Could Double As a Shotgun…

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Cameron Pilley. Some insanely good and hard-hitting squash player….and his brother. Lobster Geoff sent me this video up to me 6 days ago… finally getting around to watching it. Sad it took me so long to get around to that lob, because… HO. LEEE. CRAP! This jerk has been arrested, right? The professional-hardest-hitter-of-a-squash-ball-on-planet-guy… he’s in jail? He should be. Because the only way this goes down the way that it did is if his brother is 1.) clinically insane or 2.) mentally handicapped. I’m not trying to disrespect anybody or be a jerk, I’m just stating the facts here. Did you see that dude’s back? It’s like he took a point blank hit from a shotgun. Clearly, he’s not right. So, which is it? He’s clinical? Has it be. I’ve never ever had a post that is both a Man Crush of the Week, and a Kook of the Week. If this tatted Pilley brother is really just a normal dude that just took that shot to the back? Man Crush. If Cameron Pilley just took advantage of his handicapped brother? Kook.

If you watched this without doing that motion with your shoulder blades where you sort of thrust your arms and shoulders backwards like you’re trying to touch your elbows together, and grimacing on your face… you’re not human.


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