World Series! Nelson Cruz’s vs. David Freese’s

There’s a dude named Josh Hamilton on the Cruz’s, and a guy named Albert Pujols on the Freese’s too…. I think. So, neither the West Coast or the East Coast gives a crap about this game. MLB must be pissed. Whatever. Baseball fans will enjoy it regardless.

AP Photo, Jeff Curry/US Presswire

No joke though. Cruz and Freese are hot like fire. It will be cool to see if anybody watches this World Series to see how well they do. If you’re wondering who I am cheering for, I just happen to have written two LobShots blogs on these teams in the past. You can figure it out. They were titled: Screw you St. Louis! and The ALCS, the Rangers, the Tigers, the Padres, and Garvey’s Forearms


(I know nobody else on the planet gives a rat’s ass about this, but I’m so pissed that I don’t know which is grammatically correct when replacing a team name for a players name for a headline joke… “Nelson Cruz’s vs. David Freese’s” or “Nelson Cruzs vs. David Freeses”. Stupid apostrophes. Or, even better… how ’bout not making idiotic headline jokes in the first place? That’s better.)

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