This 7 Foot Bear Slipper was a Publicity Stunt?! Shocker.

Tom Boddingham who ordered a special slipper to fit his oversized foot was sent a size 1,450 - after manufacturers failed to spot a decimal point in his order. Photo: Caters

So, this guy ordered one size 13 slipper and one size 14.5 slipper because of his effed up feet….and the company sent him a size 14,500 size slipper instead of 14.5? This is a publicity stunt!? Gee, ya think? Shocked this isn’t a real story…. SHOCKED. No company is stupid enough to make a 7 foot long slipper without confirming first.

I just went to the company website to order these slippers. They’re $25.17. Good business move by them to charge that and then make slippers 7 feet long. Super profitable, I’m sure. Oh, and there’s not even a section for mismatched feet sizing.

This story is stupid. I hate it. I’m pissed at myself for even mentioning it. Because of stupid bloggers like me, this idiotic PR stunt worked. I hang my head in shame.


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