The Beginning of the End…

Bubblegum Pedialyte. So, so gross. That’s all I ate/drank for almost 20 hours yesterday. Literally had a moment…while in the bathroom, where I looked up, and uttered the words, “What did I do, God?” At the time, that was a serious question. The nerve of me… like I’m Job or something. What an idiot. I’ll take my own Kook of the Week honors for playing the “woe is me” card because I was sick. Anyway, finally moved on to crackers, gatorade, and apple sauce this morning. I’m slowly getting better. Forgive me for my lack of bloggage. My thanks to you will be reflected by my holding back the details of the stomach bug that has plagued the past 2.5 days. Oh, and I’ll try to get some blogs up. Awesome ones. You’re welcome.


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