The Real Reason Behind Tony LaRussa’s Bullpen Blunder

Everybody knows that Tony La Russa’s horrible bullpen managing in Game 5 of the World Series has been called into question… like, a lot. His explanation is questionable too. There are tons of them, but here’s the LaRussa explanation being scrutinized most:

“They heard ‘Rzepczynski’ and they didn’t hear ‘Motte’ and when I called back I said ‘Motte,’ they heard ‘Lynn.’ So I went out there, wrong guy. He’s not going to pitch today. I said, ‘Go back, get Motte ready.’ We’ll walk the guy because I don’t want Lynn to — he is not supposed to pitch. I didn’t want to hurt him. And then Motte came in. That’s why — it must be loud. I give the fans credit.”

You can go to all the major sports outlets (ESPN, Yahoo, Sports Illustrated, TheBigLead) and find all the theories, reasons, and explanations behind Tony La Russa’s bullpen decisions, or lack thereof. Or, you can come to LobShots for the real investigative reporting. Wanna know why the phones weren’t working? I offer you the daughter of Tony La Russa, Bianca La Russa, injured Raiderette extraordinaire, who had the inside scoop on the bullpen phone problems.

From her @BiancaTai twitter feed.

I think the Rally Squirrel was getting bored with the low-scoring game and started gnawing. He didn’t realize it was the bullpen phone line.

Yes! Finally a legitimate answer. The Rally Squirrel! He was hungry… Bianca to the rescue! All our questions answered! Bring on game 6 tonight!

Ignore the fact that our little squirrel buddy would’ve had to have traveled from St. Louis to Texas, and switch teams, and just embrace this marvelous revelation. Thank you, Bianca… for clearing things up.

All kidding aside, I love that she’s just having fun and joking around about the bullpen blunder, you know, in a tasteful way… unlike her sister.


GIF via @cjzero

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