11 Former Athletes Offer Advice to Roger Clemens’ “Comeback”

NY Daily News – Roger Clemens can’t seem to retire from baseball.

According to Puerto Rico’s El Nuevo Dia newspaper, Clemens “wants to pitch” for the same Indios de Mayaguez team that his son Koby is playing for this winter. But a source told the Daily News that although the 49-year-old Clemens threw a bullpen session recently in Puerto Rico, “it’s pure gossip” that the Rocket will pitch for the team.

The Nuevo Dia report quoted an unnamed Indios team member saying the elder Clemens “wants to pitch, that’s 100% sure. I saw his desire to compete again. He was (at) the practice and said he wanted to play with his son.”

A photo of the Rocket wearing an Indios jersey ran with the report.

Clemens, who last pitched professionally in 2007 with the Yankees, is scheduled to go on trial in April for the second time on charges that he lied to Congress about using performance-enhancing drugs.

Clemens’ attorneys, Rusty Hardin and Michael Attanasio, did not return requests for comment.

If Roger wants to come back and play one game with his kid on some weird foreign league squad… that’s awesome. More power to him. However, if he’s thinking of returning to Major League Baseball…I’d encourage him to just look at a couple pictures.

Joe Namath, Los Angeles Rams
Johnny Unitas, San Diego Chargers
Jerry Rice, Denver Broncos
Jim Everett, San Diego Chargers
Michael Jordan, Washington Wizards
Patrick Ewing, Seattle Supersonics
Karl Malone, Los Angeles Lakers
Willie Mays, New York Mets
Babe Ruth, Boston Braves
Wade Boggs, Tampa Bay Devil Rays

Arnold, San Diego Padres


[Full disclosure, I just jacked every one of those pics from an old Tiki Barber post.]

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