Amazing Video: Surfer Chick Almost Eaten by a Giant Whale

USA Today – This video is going viral and has been featured on several national morning TV shows today.

A bikini-clad female surfer and two people in a kayak are floating off Santa Cruz, Calif. — when two humpback whales lunge right out of the water with jaws open seeking food.

The video was filmed by Barb Roettger who was shooting the trio chatting in the water.

See video here. Here are some screenshots of the action.

That’s one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen. Waiting for a set to come in… chattin’ up some kayakers… then… OMGialmostgoteatenbyawhalethankyoujesusforlettingmeliveihopesomebodygotthatoncamera.

Insert Jonah joke here.


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