Nick Saban is a Bunch of Naughty Words

It’s no mystery that we love College Gameday and the fans that make the show special. In the most over-hyped game of the century between LSU and Alabama, you’d expect there to be some friendly banter over the honorable Nick Saban. There was. This is the best sign to ever slip past the ESPN sign-pullers. SABAN: PENIS VAGINA DOUCHEBAG VAGINA PENIS. I think it gets the point across wonderfully. My guess is that this clever little sign maker pulled the idea from this ESPN: PENIS PENIS PENIS PENIS sign.

I have zero problem posting either sign here, because, aside from ‘douchebag’ (a common household product), these are just words that elementary school kids yell in class to try to embarass each other. Childish humor… it’s just the best.


[h/t SportsGrid]

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