People Let Me Tell Ya ‘Bout My Beeeesssst Friend….

(AP Photo/Jonathan Bachman)

Darren Sproles and Drew Brees. I just love this picture for a few reasons. First, by the miracle of photography angles, science and crouching Brees… Tiny Darren somehow looks taller than Drew in this picture, and that’s a comical thought. Second, these are two of my favorite ex-Chargers, as noted here and here, together being best friends on a team that I don’t hate. Third, these Saints throwbacks are pimp. So clean.

Ok, crazy tangent here…the headline of this blog: “People Let Me Tell Ya ‘Bout My Beeeesssst Friend….” Somebody tell me how I know that song. I know it, I can sing it. I think it’s some sitcom or commercial, like some slow-motion-prancing-type-of-scene pops into my mind, but I have no clue. I took it to google, and found out it’s the song “Best Friend” by Harry Nilsson (who I’ve never heard of) and it was featured in the TV show “The Courtship of Eddie’s Father” (which I’ve never heard of) and covered by “Rob & Big” (who I’ve never heard of). So, how do I know it? Huge Lobshots shoutout to the lobster that can tell me. (Do work, J dot) Thanks…


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