The Best Childrens Costume in History

Mind. Blown. Feel Good Freshness! You think your kid’s costume was awesome? News flash… it was weak compared to these costumes. These lil guys are game changers. So, so amazing. Harry and Lloyd, the miniature versions, shaggin’ wagon and all. Look at these dudes! They are like little LobShots mascots. I love them!

I played in a YMCA basketball league a couple years ago… team name: MUTT CUTTS. Nobody got it, nobody appreciated it. Made me sad. These parents though? They get it. They appreciate greatness. Thank you, random parents of random kids wearing Dumb & Dumber costumes.

I know this is gonna sound kinda silly… but I’m having a kid on Friday, a baby boy. Yup. 11/11/11. I’m excited as you could imagine for him to join the family. Not even kidding when I say this though… my excitement level jumped up a notch when I saw these costumes. Yup, something as silly as these costumes got me more excited to have my baby boy. I’m fired up. Extra fired up. Halloween 2013, I’m ripping off that costume. Thanks for the lob, Crew.


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