Padres Sign Jaime Kotsay!! — Oh, and She’s Bringing Her Husband Mark

Wow, right? So, Mark Kotsay played with the Padres back from 2001-2003. I don’t remember much about him… I just know that I used to sit near Jaime Kotsay, his wife, at Padres games when I was in college. I spent half the game staring at her. Forgive me, I was in college, I didn’t know any better. She was smoking hot. So, when I heard today that the Padres signed Mark Kotsay… all I could think about was Jaime. I’m not trying to be a dirtbag… just telling the truth…that’s what I thought of. From what I hear, Mark and Jaime are both great and family oriented. They volunteer in the community and are great people. Here’s the family:

  Here’s Jaime on the left doing some charity work back when Mark was with the A’s.

So, it’s seems they are very nice people, but I seriously forgot that Mark was still playing baseball. I thought he’d retired. And let’s be honest… judging by the softball pictures up top, the girl can carry herself on the diamond, and there’s a decent chance the Padres would get just as much production out of her as they will from at 36-year-old Mark.

Let the Josh Byrnes era begin!


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