So Nick Novak Got Caught Peeing on the Sidelines, So What…

How is this exploding the internet right now? Poor Nick. I, like everybody else, saw CBS with the cameras on Novak while he was taking a leak on the sidelines and thought, “no way… no way CBS is this dumb.” They are. Here’s a video of it. It’s all anybody can talk about this morning. Well, that and Tebow. Thing is… so what? Players do this on the sidelines every single week… especially kickers. They need to be available, they can run to the locker room, and they aren’t out there sweating it out every play. This is just the first time a broadcast crew was dumb enough to capture it.

It prompted to twitter to explode… saying Novak was Peebowing. Get it? Tebowing? Peebowing? Real freakin’ clever. Another thing, if there’s a type of person that I know I won’t like the instant I see them… that person has a sticker of Calvin peeing on some other sports teams logo or someone other idiotic image. You know the one.

zing! dumb.

How ’bout that dude on the left? I guess working for an NFL team isn’t always glamorous.


[h/t to @bubbaprog (top) and @cjzero (calvin)]

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