It’s Official: “Peebowing” has a Website Now

This is so idiotic. I hesitated to even post it because I’ve already commented ad nauseum about Nick Novak peeing on the sidelines, and how, despite his missed FGs, I love Nick Novak. I even commented how stupid I thought it was when people were called in Peebowing as some clever little reference to Tebowing. Well, it’s a website now,, “Verb: Randomly peeing on things in public. Like Nick Novak does. It helps if a friend holds a towel for you.” So now all the funny people that sent pictures of themselves planking, owling, batmanning, teapotting, horsemaning, and tebowing… have a new place to go and be extra clever. Have at it, clowns.


[h/t @KatieRose84]

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