Lady Gaga is No Lobster… She’s No Lobster At All

Somebody sent me this picture of the awful Lady Gaga out of disgust because she’s misrepresenting the awesomeness of a lobster. I can’t stand this chick and her whole schtick… just drives me nuts. I want to gag, poke my eyeballs out, and rip my ears off every time is see/hear her. So, to see she’s wearing a lobster on her head nearly put me into a panic attack… because I don’t want any association whatsoever with that IT. Lucky for her, it was back in April 2010… before LobShots existed. I’ve let her know this headgear is no longer acceptable, so it won’t ever be an issue again. Phew…

Another thing, Gaga… cover your damn self up with more than masking tape you freaking sicko. You’re gross.


[pat yourself on the back if you knew the headline was a play on Tombstone… Doc Holiday to Johnny Ringo “you’re no daisy… you’re no daisy at all“]

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