Denver Nuggets’ BirdMan is the New Face of PETA?

Ok? I guess? Seems a bit weird to have your slogan be “be comfortable in your own skin, and let animals keep theirs” under the title: INK NOT MINK. I’m not knocking tattoos, if you want to get them… more power to you. I think a lot of tats are very cool. But I always felt the phrase being “comfortable in your own skin” in it’s truest form would be NO tattoos? Like, the way God made you? Sure, it’s still your skin and all, but now it’s all colored and pretty. And it’s also a bit bizarre to me that PETA is no longer just discouraging fur… rather they’re encouraging tattoos. Again.. ok? As a Lakers fan… I generally dislike all the Nuggets… but Chris Anderson always intrigued me. Then… he did this to his neck.

FREE BIRD. Clever. That’s gonna look so good when you’re 60.

**UPDATE: Birdman in trouble with the law… kiddie porn?”


[h/t DenverPost]

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