Looks Like Tiger Woods Got His Swag Back…

Getty - Tiger Woods celebrates after his birdie putt on the 18th hole to win the Chevron World Challenge.

After 26 professional tournaments, and 749 days without a victory, Tiger Woods is back.  Golf is a mental game, my friends… and when you get a win after a long slump…even if it’s at a tourney nobody’s heard of… it’s a big deal. See that picture of Tiger up top? Been awhile since we’ve seen that guy. Swag back. Still not convinced? Here’s the tweet he shot out shortly after his win.

Everybody knows the most famous lyrics to this LL beat… “Don’t call it a comeback…I’ve been here for years.” Ballsy, Tiger. Ballsy.

A very loyal lobster, Ry-Dogg, has been barking up the LobShots tree for awhile now, saying how Tiger is NOT done and he’s gonna come back with a freakin’ vengeance in 2012. We shrugged him off and said, ‘yeah, yeah…we’ll believe it when we see it.” Sure enough, Ry-Dogg sent me this text on Friday. “As you watch Tiger Woods this year, just remember who called the bottom a month ago. The Rizzle Dizzle.” Time will tell if this was a fluke win, or if Ry-Dogg is a prophet and Tiger starts dominating again in 2012. Oh, and apparently Rizzle Dizzle is a very Snoop-esque nickname for Ry-Dogg, which of course is nickname for Ryan. I can’t wait to find out what the nickname for Rizzle Dizzle is.

Well done, Tiger… but after getting a win, all we really want to know is…what were their names?


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