The LSU/Alabama Website Hacking Was Too Good to be True…

…or was it? LSUALABAMA? Twitter was blowing up last night over the above image. Yep, that’s a screengrab of featuring Alabama BCS championship gear all over the place. Everybody assumed it was some amazing hack job from the Roll Tide nation. Alas, it’s been “confirmed” that it was indeed just human error… pretty boring. I guess there’s one company that runs multiple sites and probably just got the HTML codage all backwards and crossed. Who knows. I’m not a damn scientist. Whatever the cause, it was awesome, but it’s fixed now.

As for the BCS Championship game… people are gonna argue ’til they’re blue in the face about whether or not Oklahoma State should be in this title game. Right or wrong…I wish they were… because the LSU vs. Alabama game SUCKED the first time. 6-6 tie in regulation. 9-6 final. Whatever, “incredible defensive football game“. Yeah, it was. It SUCKED to watch. I want a damn shootout. I want a Stanford/USC-esque game with drama on almost every play and the final score is a million to a million and one. That, and if ‘Bama wins, it will just blow to see them as the BCS champ when they beat LSU once and LSU beat them once. Dumb. Playoffs? Yes, please.


[h/t kegneggs]

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