Eric Weddle is a Boss

photo by DON BOOMER

Eric Weddle got his league leading 7th pick against the Bills. He did it wearing black finger tape too. I wasn’t sure if this was just for looks or for some sort of stickification-inception help. So, I went to the uni-master himself, Paul Lukas of ESPN and UniWatch, and he wrote a whole column about your boy BP’s question here. He’s in the process of contacting the Chargers to get an interview with Weddle and get to the bottom of it. I’ll let the big boys do the leg work on this one…and I’ll keep you lobsters posted. Thanks, Paul.

I knew that Weddle hadn’t always rocked that finger tape because of the time Eric Weddle sued Alka Seltzer for using a picture of him wearing gloves at Utah… and last year, in Denver, Weddle threw our boy Mac one of his game-used gloves in the stands. Mac still has it, and yes, it’s still sticky.


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