Wait. There’s a FIFTH Face on Mt. Rushmore?

I’ve always thought night photos of Mt. Rushmore were cool. For all I know, that shot above is photoshopped. Click on it to enlarge. Either way, it’s awesome. But here’s something I’ve never seen before that blew my freaking mind. Here’s a shot of Mt. Rushmore, alongside of the exact same picture, rotated 90°, with no doctoring.

I guess this has been floating around the web for awhile, but it was new to me. See it? Here’s a closeup.

Well, I’ll be damned. Pretty freaking cool. If you still can’t see it… well, I guess I’ll have to dominate bitmap paint yet again.

Not even kidding, I just amazed myself that I was able to paint on that photo… and somehow make it look less like a face.


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