A Crazy Week 15 in the NFL, Including a Monkey Riding a Dog

I think this monkey riding dog is representative of the madness that was Week 15 in the NFL. That was during halftime at the Broncos-Patriots game, yes… a monkey riding a dog. That was the game that ended the Tebowmania streak. As expected, the Pats beat the Broncos. What was shocking is that the lowly Chiefs managed to ruin the Packers perfect season. The argument could be made that since it was Kyle Orton that led the Chiefs to victory, and Tebow good play is what drove Orton out of Denver… Tebow is the reason that the Packers lost. Just sayin’. AND the freaking Colts won a game! How ’bout that? They beat the Titans. Good for them. So the Chiefs won, the Bolts beat “the best team in the AFC,” and the Raiders lost to the Lions, which means every team in the AFC West could still win the division. Crazy! Just like the dog riding monkey.


[pic via TBL, .gif via @cjzero]

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