LobShots Thoughts: Chargers Looked Damn Good Against the Ravens

What did I tell you? “Feeling pretty good about this game… but if we do win, and the Tebows lose to the Pats, it will cause a giant flood of pro-AFC West Chargers comments that will drive me insane. We’re not gonna win the division. There just no way that we win out and they lose out.

Sure enough. We crushed the “best team in the AFC” and Tom Brady sent Tim Tebow back to reality with a Donkeys loss. Raiders lost and now the Chargers are one game out in the AFC West. Is this something to be excited about? Sure… if you love letdowns. I hope I’m wrong so badly… but I just can’t see the Broncos losing out. Who knows? Crazier things have happened…and we still have a long shot at the wildcard too. I do see the Chargers winning out. They looked so freaking good.

Rivers, Floyd, Jackson, Mathews, Tolbert… were all firing against the Ravens. Our O-Line, played by our back-ups back-ups, shut down the “best defense in the NFL.” Rivers went over 4,000 yards on the season, Mathews went over 1,000 yards on the season. Not too shabby. Keep an eye out for some good .gifs and pics from the games… coming soon.

Btw, how sick is that picture up top? Love it.


[pic via @Chargers]

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