Man Crush of the Week: Drew Brees

Brees is the man. He is my man… crush. He broke Dan Marino’s passing record last night. It was Brees’ final pass of the game, to our boy Darren Sproles that gave him 5,087 yards passing… with one game still to play. Marino finished with 5,084 yards for the Miami Dolphins in 1984. Here’s a video of how it went down last night if you couldn’t watch MNF.

Fitting for us Chargers fans… a Brees TD to Tiny Darren. Dan Marino has been a class act during this run, here’s what he tweeted when the record was broken:

Brees, of course, responded.

Even better than the play on the field… here’s Brees’ speech in the locker room post-game

YouTube Preview Image

So good. Love this man. Great leader. Great person. Well deserved.

The equipment managers…that rub down those balls…(insert tons of laughter) ya’ll know what I mean… full service!

I said this on twitter last night, but if you didn’t laugh when he dropped that ball-rubbing comment, I question your representation of the human race.

Parting image… if you ever question the type of person Brees is…


[image/vid via SportsGrid]

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