My Favorite Holiday Bowl Memory: Eric Graves & Erin Andrews

That is our wisest fellow lobster. His name is Eric Graves. He was the president of the 2010 Holiday Bowl and Poinsettia Bowl. His friend there in the picture, of course, needs no introduction. Eric is a great friend, and he’s the main reason Showman and I love to support the Holiday Bowl… well, that, and it’s the most exciting bowl game in the country. Just a great dude that is a part of a great bowl game. Oh, and you can bet your sweet ass that this is the exact response I sent to him when he sent me this picture he took with Erin Andrews… and I quote: “if you cross paths with erin andrews again… and you don’t invite me to join… i’ll never speak with you again.”

Love ya, Eric. Here’s to an amazing Holiday Bowl tonight…


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