Oregon Ducks and Space Mountain…Oil and Water

That, fellow lobsters, is LaMichael James, running back for the Rose Bowl bound Oregon Ducks riding Space Mountain at Disneyland. James front left, Kenjon Barner on the right.

I love… LOVE… this photo. Growing up in SoCal, I went to Disneyland at least once a year… usually two or three times. Space Mountain was the gold standard in Disneyland roller coasters. Been loving me some Space Mountain since I can remember. As soon as I was tall enough, it was bye-bye tea cups, hello Space Mountain. So, to see a LaMichael James this scared just makes me laugh and laugh and laugh…and then laugh. When you’re making a face like that, even getting dressed up like this won’t make you look tough.

This picture is like an onion. Layers and layers. You can see the teenage chicks in plaid just dollin’ it up to no end. “Heyyyyyyyy!” These little cuties are ready for the cameras and  having the time of their hot little lives and the big bad Ducks are scared to death. Now look right behind her… yep… that’s the smiling face of a little kid. Maybe 6 years old… just having a blast. Heaven on roller coaster… too young to know that real men shutter in fear.


[Lobbed by Cohner, Photo via TBL via @KBDeuce4]

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