Anybody Else Lose The Fantasy Football Finals Because of Drew Brees Chasing Marino?

That’s me on the right: Finkle & Einhorn. You can see I lost by about 3.5 points. I love Drew Brees… he’s my most recent Man Crush. However, without that final Drew Brees TD pass to Darren Sproles, I’d have won because, with a gigantic lead, the Saints would’ve run the ball out. So, I should be angry, right? I lost some cash and bragging rights because Brees was chasing Marino record. Meh… it’s Brees, I don’t really care all that much. I’m a bigger fan of him than I am winning fantasy football.

Tell ya what though… if it was Tom Brady or Rapethlisberger that I lost to…I’d be livid.


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