Kate Upton & LobShots Join Forces for Sexiest Photo of 2011

Well well well, look who’s sitting on top of the world? That’s right, lobsters, you’re looking at a screenshot of the no. 1 Sexiest Twitpic of 2011. Complex magazine put together an incredible list of hot. I give you The 50 Hottest Celebrity Twitpics of 2011. There’s our girl Kate Upton reigning on top of this star-studded kingdom, right where she belongs. NUMBER ONE! What’s that on the bottom though? Oh, I see it now, “@lobshots” baby! That’s right, for you newer lobsters, that’s the photo that Kate Upton sent, directly to me, for the rest of the world to enjoy, over twitter… right after she proposed to me. I would’ve been proud to just be included on the list… but #1? Daaaamn. For you newbies, you can read about how Kate Upton proposed to me, and then how she sent me that sexy wedding “dress” picture for our wedding. Can’t make this stuff up, folks. It bugs me that all the internet-big-boys have all been recently crowning Kate the queen of 2011, when in reality, she’s been my queen all year. Mark Sanchez’s got nothing on your boy BP. The Kate Upton bandwagon? I’m in the drivers seat, with Kate riding shotgun, and the rest of planet’s jumping on board. So, you’re welcome internet… because as you can clearly see in the above screenshot, without me… there would no sexiest photo of 2011.

I thought LobShots struck gold when Life & Style Weekly claimed I was threatening to kill Kim Kardashian… but this Kate Upton masterpiece… is my magnum opus. I could die content with that…as my legacy.

-bp, signing off.

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