NEWS FLASH: Don’t Eff With Leopards, You Might Get Scalped

Manas Paran / The Sunday Indian via AP

Git your hair did! This isn’t the first time we’ve seen leopards attack people in India… but this is the first precision scalping I’ve seen. Holy crap! Best scalp job since Lt. Aldo Raine. Every time I hear the word scalp, I think of Aldo Raine… and Mel Gibson in the Patriot when he just goes to town with a tomahawk on some Confederate soldier, blood flying everywhere. As for this Indian guy, I guess knowing he survived makes looking at these pictures a little more bearable. Sorry if they make you throw up in your mouth a little bit. Here’s how you look after you get scalped by a leopard.

Full story and more photos here. Dude’s got to be counting his blessings that he’s alive. First order of business: Get your damn head sewed back on. Second order of business: Find the sunuvabitch that thought it was a good idea to snap pictures of you getting scalped instead of trying to help.


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