Just When You Thought Being A Dodgers Fan Couldn’t Get Worse: DeSean Jackson at the Strip Club Happened

So gross. So, so gross. First Frank McCourt, now this? Sucks to be a Dodgers fan. Nice hat, guy. I spent the better part of a year making fun of DeSean Jackson and his idiot antics. Then I read a touching story about him and wrote this redemptive post: DeSean Jackson is a jerk, right? Well, here’s a whole different kind of touching story. Here is, allegedly, DeSean Jackson, Dodgers fan extraordinaire with a stripper at 6AM. According to that thing in the photo with him, a Miami-based stripper whose name is either “Molly aka Milli” or “HeavenKODDiva,” Jackson was “mines for them 20 seconds lmao.” Not even sure what language she’s speaking there. Welp, back to square one: DeSean Jackson is a jerk, right? Nice praying hands necklace, by the way… you should ask them to pray you don’t get The Clap! Ay-oh!!


[via TBL via Crossing Broad & Busted Coverage]

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