That Whole “Tim Tebow Threw for 316 Yards” Thing? Joke’s on You.

The bottom of this post should read: [lobbed by: everyone]. Most lobbed post in LobShots history. I appreciate everybody wanting to know my take on Tim Tebow throwing for 316 yards, knowing that he’d never thrown for over 300 yards for the Broncos and that the most recognizable Bible verse on the planet is John 3:16:For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” Yes, I know that… yes, I get it. Haha. Ha. Ha. Ha. It’s a funny coincidence… nothing more. I joked about the game being more than just a football game, but a quarterback battle of good vs. evil. It was a joke. Some got a little carried away with it.

Well, guess what, Troy Polamalu is a devout Christian too… did God forsake Troy for Tim!? Shut up, morons! Do people actually believe that God cares about the outcome of a football game? Even Tebow doesn’t believe that… the fans and the media have just projected that onto him. That’s idiotic. I try not to get too into religion and politics here, because this is a fun, generally light-hearted sports culture blog… but good grief, you’ve left me no choice. I believe in Jesus just like Tebow, but the idea that this 316 passing yards/3:16 scripture verse really does carry some significance is just asinine. NEWS FLASH: JESUS LOVES BATHROOM BEN JUST AS MUCH AS HE LOVES TIM TEBOW. (editors note: Jesus doesn’t call Roethlisberger “bathroom ben”, I do.)

So, knock it off with all the serious debate of the 316/Tebow/Jesus talk… it’s annoying. If you want to just have fun with it? That’s fine. I’m all for it. Our twitter buddy, comedian Josh Sneed has a t-shirt company, Look At Me Shirts. They’re selling a pretty funny t-shirt… clearly not to be taken seriously. I’m fine with that.

In fact, get it here. People will see it and laugh. I do wonder if our friend Mr. Sneed knows that his little Tebow-word-play on John 3:16… “Tim 3:16” is actually a verse. 1 Timothy 3:16… heck, it’s two verses. There’s a 2 Timothy 3:16 too. There you have it… a joke t-shirt leading you to actual scripture. God does indeed… work in mysterious ways.


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