Will These Tim Tebow 2012 Topps Football Cards Explode the Collecting World?

Topps– Today, the much-anticipated Topps Supreme Football releases and it features autographed cards from one of the hottest players in the game…Tim Tebow.

As “Tebow Time” takes the nation by storm, collectors can find these autographed cards in Topps Supreme:

  • Base Autograph #’d to 27
  • Base Autograph Red Parallel #’d to 20
  • Base Autograph Green Parallel #’d to 10
  • Base Autograph Platinum Parallel #’d to 1
  • Base Autograph Printing Plates (4 versions) #’d to 1
  • Triple Autograph w/ Newton, Bradford #’d to 10
  • Quad Autograph w/ Newton, Sanchez, Ryan #’d to 5

In addition, Topps announces it is including 50 more Tebow Autographs (via redemption) in its Precision Football Release.  These cards, which are appropriately named “Tim Tebow Precision Comeback Autographs” will capture all of Tebow’s late game heroics including the overtime playoff win versus the Steelers last week.  Each limited edition card will be numbered to 9 or less and include Tebow’s autograph.

This 2011 football season has proven that whether you like it or not, America is obsessed with Tim Tebow. If we know anything about the wonderful world of sports card collectors, it’s that they, too, are obsessive. Put them together, mayhem should ensue. I know a thing or two about collecting and the pathetic state it’s currently in. But, as soon as somebody gets one of those 1/1 Tim Tebow autograph cards, the sky’s the limit on price. Can’t wait to see what some idiot with a ton of money pays for it. Will keep you posted. Although there are “buy it now” cards out there now for around $5,000…those don’t count. Currently, the highest priced Tim Tebow card on eBay right now is this one. At the time of this post, it had 10 bids, and was up to $545.00 with 2 days of bidding left. Have at it, kids.


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