Doritos “Dog Park” Commercial That You Wish You Made…

I’ve said it a million times…lobsters make the world go ’round. One of our very own lobsters, Dave Rich, is one of the “stars” of what is, with your help, going to be the next Doritos commercial during the Super Bowl. They’ll win a $1,000,000 and no joke, you can win $10k by helping them. Here’s the commercial.

YouTube Preview Image

So good. I asked our boy Dave to tell us about it. This is him, in the opening scene of the clip… he’s the one in purple, with only two legs.

from dave:

My friend calls me up one Saturday night and says “dave… dave… we are making another super bowl commercial.”  Tyler Dixon, a buddy of mine who last year made the Best Part Doritos super bowl add, where the dude licks the other dude’s fingers, is at it again.  This year we went to a La Jolla elementary school with cast, crew and about 15 dogs to film Dog Park. I’m told that its cooler to say “film” when referring to anything done with a video camera…ever.  We ran around for days getting things in place, and after Tyler, his producer, and his editor cut hours of footage down, they got this.   CRASH THE SUPERBOWL.    It’s a great commercial and I think everyone will like it.  If we win, Tyler and his crew take home a million dollars and a chance to work with the Lonely Island.  The SNL writers/actors who have done such wonderful family songs as Di@k in a box, I’m on a boat, and I just had sex.  (not the name of a song but I thought I’d let everyone know)  This is an amazing chance and a dream come true for any writer/comic/creepy guy such as myself.  The fame and money would be great, but what I really look forward to is forgetting everyone I ever knew, and finally being able to rock a fedora with a real confidence.  THAT is the real goal, and THAT friends, is what we are really working for.  If you’re wondering who I am, well when you watch the commercial (short film that we filmed with film) I’m the one in the purple shirt and gray jacket. Total time I’m on air, about .067 second.  But you get the idea that I’m pretty great. And you know what they say… “I mean, Aaron Carter did it..and he’s… well…so…   use this to vote (daily)

The votes are where we need help.  The more you vote, the better, that facebook link  lets you vote 5 times daily.  It’s the easiest and best way to vote.  Thanks so much and I look forward to seeing you see me.

Dave Rich

Love Dave. So, go get your vote on and you can win $10k. Dave knows 3 of the people who won the $10k last year, so this isn’t some far-fetched dream. Could happen. Anyway, if you think anything Dave wrote was remotely funny, you should come hang out with us downtown this Tuesday, Jan 17th, to see his stand-up comedy act. He does this ‘castle in France‘ bit that will blow your mind.

^there’s Dave^     so handsome.


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