What’s This “Status Quo” Chargers Movie Mash-up All About?

How come I haven’t seen this stupid Fox5 “status quo” video-thingy? Click the link and go watch it. Now tell my why nobody sent me this? I count on you lobsters to show me this junk. So, the “movie”. I don’t get it? I get they’re trying to be funny… an end of the world movie mashed-up with Chargers clips of back-to-back non playoff years. I get the part about Spanos settling for mediocrity by keeping Norv and AJ and blah, blah, blah. I don’t get the purpose of it though? Why is it on a local news station? Who made it? Did Fox5 actually make it? What’s the endgame here? Somebody fill me in here.

Side note: Is that the greatest screengrab of Norv Turner in history? Looks like he just took a Mike Tyson uppercut to the jaw.


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