Revelation: Huge Man-Crush on Tim Robbins of the 1990s

Remember Nothing to Lose? I saw it channel flipping awhile back and it got me to thinking…I freaking loved that movie. Watched it all the time in college. So underrated. Got me to thinking about Tim Robbins too. Not only was he amazing as “Nuke” in Bull Durham, but he played one of my favorite characters in one of my favorite movies of all time: Andy Dufresne. If not for Braveheart, Shawshank would be in the conversation as my favorite movie all-time. Anyway, back to Nothing to Lose… at the time, there may not have been any two cuter “it girls” on the big screen. I use the term loosely, because I’m not talking about the giant movie star women at the time, just the sorta-under-the-radar girls that were so cute, you just couldn’t get enough. First was Kelly Preston.

Kelly was so cute in that movie I couldn’t stand it… she was fresh off her smoking hot role in Jerry Maguire, so that made her even more alluring. Second is Rebecca Gayheart, she was new to the big screen but still had high school kids across America on lock because she was the Noxzema girl.

Common denominator? They both wanted a piece of Nick Beam!! Not sure why I felt the need to share all that, but I did… because I’m awesome. Random thoughts spewed forth for your reading pleasure. If you’re just a kiddo, and you’ve never seen Nothing to Lose, you’re in for a treat. Go watch it. Helen Keller, I’m talkin’ to you!


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