Why Would Anyone Ever Go in the Water in Indonesia?

News.com – A WILD crocodile has swallowed a 10-year-old girl while she played in a river with her father in eastern Indonesia, the second death in the same place in two months.

The girl was swimming in Wailolong river on Thursday when the large crocodile suddenly appeared, swallowed her instantly and disappeared into the water, said Viktor Mado Waton, Lembata district head in East Nusa Tenggara province, the Daily Telegraph reports.

“They only found the girl’s clothes three hours after the incident, some 200 metres away from the attack site,” he said, adding that her family members were still trying to find the body.

“Her father saw this shocking scene as he was only five metres away in the water.”
He said the father and the girl’s teenage brother were hunting turtles in the river while she was playing.

A 12-year-old boy was killed and eaten by a crocodile in the river in early December when he was playing with his friends, Waton said.

The district head said he has warned locals of the danger and he will work with police to shut the area off to prevent another incident.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Indonesia,

Stop letting children play in crocodile infested waters.

-xoxo, bp

This is so sad. How many people have to get eaten by crocodiles before parents stop letting their kids frolic around in the Indonesian swamps? Is that whole country just littered with idiots or what? Last time I wrote about them, they were shaving off punk rockers head for ā€œmoral rehabilitationā€. So dumb. In conclusion, Indonesia… stop being idiots.


[Don’t you dare compare croc-infested waters to sharks in the ocean. Apples/oranges]

[h/t TBL]

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