Buy Your Joe Paterno Memorial Service Tickets Here! *UPDATE*- LobShots Exploded eBay


Seriously? What the hell is wrong with this world?In the time it took me to write this post, these tickets went from $40,100 to $66,766.66. $98,100.00 How high is it now?

**UPDATE** Within minutes of my post on this, the bidding got up to $99k+ and then this: Safe to say that you lobsters blew up eBay. Or there was a ton of false/fake bidding… or something else happened… probably something else.**

Impressive, lobsters… impressive.

[ANOTHER UPDATE via TBL: eBay’s rules prohibit the sale of tickets to free events. Several readers on twitter claim other tickets for sale are fake.]

[I still prefer the version that included lobsters exploding eBay…way more fun.]


[h/t @ben_jones88]

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