Your New Favorite Golfer Is…

BUBBA WATSON! Just the good ole boys… never meanin’ no harm…

Aside from the possibility that my folks plopped me in front of Sesame Street as a little tyke, I think that Dukes of Hazzard is my most-watched TV show from birth to 18-years-old. Bo and Luke were my heroes. Daisy was my fantasy. For $110,000, Bubba Watson just bought the original General Lee that was launched through the air in the intro of the original TV show, (Not to be confused with that awful Johnny Knoxville/Stifler remake, back when Jessica Simpson was hot.) Bubba Watson’s full story and bidding video here. Man Crush can’t even begin to describe my new feeling toward Bubba. I already loved him because of this. The General Lee purchase just puts him over the top. Love this man.


[lobbed by Jonesy]

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