Little Prince Fielder, His Zubaz and His Air Jordans

Yesterday, I wrote a post about Prince Fielder’s new deal with the Tigers, focused mostly on him as a kid. I’m not sure who first unearthed this photo of a young Prince Fielder playing catch pre-game catch, presumably with his dad Cecil Fielder, while Alan Trammel (right?) looked on. I first saw it on twitter feed of @tyduffy, then on Uni Watch this morning. **UPDATE: Photo was first unearthed by my favorite follow on twitter, Andy Gray, (@si_vault) dunno how I missed that** It’s one of the most amazing photos I’ve ever seen. I’m absolutely mesmerized by everything. Especially his zubaz. If you aren’t familiar with that term… I’m sad for you.

22 years ago, Dan Stock and Bob Truax created the Zubaz from their gym. The classic zebra pattern was one of their first designs and came to symbolize the brand. Zubaz eventually began to sell at department stores, sports stadiums and special events all over the world. Professional athletes & rock stars even wore the pants that “flew in the face of fashion”.

That’s right, they still have a website where you can buy their gear. The fact that young Prince has color matching zubaz pants on with a Cubs logo, and a t-shirt with the NY Giants logo… is almost too much for me to wrap my head around.

It’s just so good. Because his attire serves as a tractor beam for your eyes… just sucking you right in…you might miss that daddy already has Prince, a lefty, playing catch with a first baseman’s mitt. He knew.

In addition to missing the mitt… you might have missed the shoes. Prince Fielder may not have been on the cutting edge of physical fitness, but the dude was on point with fashion. Check out those Air Jordan VIs. As first pointed out by my boy Caster, we thought maybe he was wrong on the style of Jordans because Prince clearly has a red tongue, and the common white Air Jordan VI has a black tongue.

Upon further searching… Caster was indeed right. Prince just happened to have the rarer of the white Jordan 6s. Air Jordan VI – OG 1991 – White Maroon.

I wanted a closer look. Found some photos here. Just like Prince’s. Correct me if I’m wrong.

In conclusion, Prince Fielder was a badass fat kid. Now he’s a rich badass fat pro-ballplayer.


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