2 Free Farmers Insurance Open Tickets for This Weekend

Ok, Showman’s got two free tickets to the Farmers Open, can be used Saturday or Sunday. Who gets ’em? Easy. Who’s the funniest? To the comment section.

Contest: Tickets will go to whoever can make us laugh the hardest in 20 words or less. If you go over, no dice. You have until 2pm today. No other rules. Be creative. Be funny.

Must use your real email address so we can contact you, and you have to be able to pick them up from Showman in UTC between 2pm-5pm PST today, or in PB between 5pm-2am. Ay-oh!

Reeeeeeeeeady, GO.

**CONTEST is up… well done… our winner is Jimmy Bats who simply wrote “What is ‘donkey’?” Brilliant. He was, of course, referring to this… which makes me die laughing every time I think about it. Look out for an email from Showman for the tix. Loved “Vijay Singh” too… that was a close second.**


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