PHOTOS: Chargers Took Their Tight-Pants-Talents to Hawaii

Those pants are uncomfortably tight around the junk. There. I said it. But I will say no more about it. I didn’t watch a lick of this game. AFC won the Pro Bowl. Yea for us! Here are some stats and photos of the Chargers in attendance. Oh, and don’t think I don’t see your left hand, Weddle.

Eric Weddle – 5 tackles, 1 defended pass, 2 INTs. Here he gets baptized by Jimmy Graham. That’s nice. TWO picks? An All-Pro indeed.

Vincent Jackson – 4 catches, 64 rec yds, 1 carry, 7 rush yds. 1 killer head stand.

Ryan Mathews – 8 carries, 35 rush yds. Decent. Apparently he wasn’t the only #24.

Philip Rivers – 11/19, 190 pass yds, 2 TDs, 1 INT. “No. YOU’RE the best QB in the NFL.”

Antonio Gates – 3 catches, 67 rec yds, 1 TD. If Gates is even remotely healthy, all he does is kick ass. Best Tight End ever. Suck it, Gronk. Go Bolts.

If you want to read John Gennaro’s take, local internet and radio sensation, on the Bolts’ overall performance. Go here.


[images via AP]

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