Meet Micah Owings, Newest Member of the San Diego Padres

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The Padres recently signed free agent pitcher Micah Owings. Aside from being the best hitting pitcher in baseball, I didn’t know much about him. To find out about him, I went to his blog. Here is the last entry he made, December 2011.

Dec 2011-Blog – MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

This was a very disappointing start to the month for me. Found out that Arizona was choosing to non-tender me, and that they were already filling roles that I could possibly sign for after the tender date. As the free-agency process started, other teams interests grew, but still not much dialogue with Az. On one hand I was struggling with understanding, but on the other I was thanking God for making it clear that is not where He wants me in 2012! I continue to pray for that next team He is going to place me on and that it is CLEAR!

Much of this month I have been praying for clarity in many areas of my life! Trusting that our God is not One of confusion or not understanding, and that He will reveal clearly to us when we come to Him! What areas of life are you unclear of? Where in your walk do you need to pray for the Holy Spirit to speak to you clearer? There is an enemy out there trying to confuse and make things as messed up as possible, so we must take up the Body Armor or Christ in Ephesians 6 to stand firm! I encourage you read this passage and make it a regular part of your reading or devotion!

While the first part of this month was disappointing, the end was not! Being home for Christmas is one of my favorite times of year! Getting to celebrate Jesus birth with those that I love! This year I realized more and more that without Jesus being born, then dying for me on the cross, it would have been impossible for me to have a relationship with Him. We all have friends we go to for help, but He is the BEST Friend any of us could ever have! He tells us to come to Him and I believe He takes great pleasure when we do! He is with us no matter what! But when we continually choose Him and seek Him, that He shows up in miraculous ways!! Be a SEEKER, after our Father!

Blessings to ALL that read these blogs! Thank you and Merry Christmas!


We’ve got a believer on our hands, Padres fans. Good for you, Micah… for not shying away from your beliefs. Good luck this season. If you make the team, there’s a decent chance you’ll be our best bat off the bench.


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