Happy Day After Valentine’s Day From Paulina Gretzky

I give you a proper and insanely hot Paulina Gretzky, with some dudes. Now I give you…

Not so proper, fun, bending over while holding a kid, and now I feel weird for staring at your…uh, shoes… Paulina. Oh, I left out “insanely hot”. My bust. So, this cat on the far left… he’s some dude on twitter, Jeremy Cohen, that calls her a “crazy bitch” he’s going to Vegas with. They’re obviously good friends, because here are the pictures he’s tweeted of her. No clue who this cat is, but he is the envy of millions of men across America. I hope you know this, Jeremy. Here’s some pics that he’s tweeted of Paulina.

Is it just me, or does the lovely Miss Paulina Gretzky look naked in this picture?


Oh, and if you thought Paulina was just another pretty face, you’re wrong. Although it’s grainy, here’s a video of Paulina singing Sheryl Crow, rather well I might add, that Mr. Cohen tweeted after the Super Bowl. So, who are you, Jeremy Cohen? Hit me up if you and Paulina ever make it out to San Diego… the lobsters’ll show you a good time. 

Aside from what I’ve written, which is very little, I know just about nothing about these pictures, or that dude, except for they were tweeted, they are of Paulina Gretzky… and she is the hottest thing since Kate Upton. I don’t even know what that means.


[via twitter and twitter]

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