Time to Step Up San Diego, Welcome the Piggyback Bandit

FARGO The man who nicknamed himself the “Piggyback Bandit” due to his affection for jumping on the backs of high school athletes has been spotted in the Fargo-Moorhead area. Sherwin Shayegan, 28, has been banned from all North Dakota high school sporting events after attempting to get piggyback rides from students at three high school games in Bismarck last weekend, according to KXMB-CBS12 in Bismarck. Concordia Sports Information Director Jim Cella said Shayegan was “definitely the guy” coaches noticed handing water to players at Wednesday’s men’s basketball game against St. Olaf College at Memorial Auditorium. Cella said the man, believed to be Shayegan, dressed in a T-shirt and basketball shorts, was seated behind the St. Olaf players. Bismarck Public Schools Activities Director Jim Haussler told KXNews that, “there were a number attempts to get piggyback rides, and he was successful at a couple of them. He tried to make his way to locker rooms and was stopped.” A KXMB-CBS12 reporter told The Forum that authorities are looking for the 250-pound Shayegan, who has been banned from high school sporting events in his home state of Washington as well as Oregon and Montana.

I know this has been floating around the web for about a week now, but Mac lobbed it up so I feel the need to address. The piggyback bandit is misunderstood, that’s all. Society has turned their back on him and I refuse to do the same. So, on behalf of the better half of society, Mr. Piggyback Bandit, I’d like to offer up my services to you. I’m inviting you to the high school game of your choice here in San Diego. Hit me up… and I’ll have Mac pick you up and we’ll roll to the game of your choice. We’re connected as hell, so the piggybacks you’ll get will blow your arm off. Get fired up, son. This is a life changing offer. Seize the day.


[lobbed by mac, a longer read here at ESPN]

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